22 August 2007


Yep, I am moving again...

This time it's just the blog.

After weeks of debate, I've decided to transfer everything over to Wordpress. They have really neat stuff over there.

So, the new blog is here; so for those of you who use Bloglines, you need to update your information.

So Far So Good...

... The commute that is. I was a little concerned about the commute from Baltimore to Laurel and it's not so bad. Greg and I take completely different routes, but to be fair he's been leaving earlier than me so the traffic might be different.

Last night, Amelia just wasn't herself. She was very quiet and didn't seem all that interested in eating. We played with her for a little bit and then put her to bed. She didn't fuss or anything; it was very unlike her. But, this morning she is fine. I guess she was having a moment.

Ok, so I have a question for those that like to cook: How do you cook your hamburgers (if you're not cooking them on a grill)? Greg and I made hamburgers for dinner last night and he was going to broil them in the oven! I have never heard of that!! If I am unable to cook a hamburger on the grill I cook it in a pan, as I cooked them last night. In any event, the hamburgers were tasty (even for Greg) and we ate them on a bagel. Delicious!

The Condo Guy replied to my email and stated that he was going to shop around for a new washer/dryer since, it seems, the current one is the original and has had service calls in the past. Hooray! We get a new washer/dryer! I hope this one will be bigger than the current. I can't believe how small it is, yet huge! I will try to get pictures of it before it's replaced; even though we still don't know when we're going to have cable or Internet so who knows when the pictures are going to be uploaded.

Albeit Greg and I have only lived together, and on our own, for about four days, things are great! It's so weird to think about all that has occurred in the past five years and where I am now; when thinking in retrospect of who I was living with and where. Here's the break down:

May 2002 - May 2004 - Adam and I moved to Baltimore; first time living on my own and being with Adam every single day (from 1998-2002 we only saw each other on the weekends or on occasion one night during the week). Adam and I were engaged at the time we moved in but he still wanted to wait until we were married before we lived together. I felt differently and my argument won. Adam and I married on 08/08/03 and in May of 04 we moved again.

June 2004 - June 2006 - Adam and I moved to Glen Burnie. In May of 2005 Adam moves out and I continue living at Glen Burnie on my own. I was a little bit scared of living on my own. I didn't know if I would be able to afford the rent and utilities and what not. But, I am proud that I did it and wasn't evicted!! *Greg and I met in Aug of 2005*

July 2006 - July 2007 - Sean and I find a townhouse in Pasadena and move in together along with his best friend, Aaron. It wasn't that bad, living with my brother and we got along very well. Don't get me wrong, we had our moments but when thinking about it now, those moments could have been due to my pregnancy hormones.

August 2007 - Present - Greg and I move to Glen Burnie. Greg and I talked about moving in together the summer of 2006, before Sean and I moved to Pasadena, and it was talked about on a semi regular basis. We were planning on finding a place by this summer actually. The only hiccup was that my lease expired before his and we were trying to figure out how we could work things out - all the while we didn't know I was pregnant.

Maybe I'm the only one that thinks it's weird but thinking about the events that have occurred in my life over the past five years has been so... multifaceted; I can't think of a better word but it's just bizarre to me. Like, if I think about what I was doing this time in 2002 I am thinking about working at PRP and starting life with Adam, this time in 2003 - Still at PRP, working part time at Super Fresh and being a newlywed - this time 2004; still at PRP and having issues with Adam - this time in 2005; Met Greg a few days ago (Aug 20 to be exact), was working at PRP and looking for a part time job and having fun - this time in 2006; living with Sean and Aaron, quit PRP and Weis (the part time job I started in Oct 05), was working a new job and hating it but over all happy - and today; working a new job, have a nearly 8 month old baby, new friends, new car, and new relationship.

In any event, it's all what it is and will be.

So, I forgot to mention that Monday, the 20th, marked two years that Greg and I met. yeah, it's a girl thing to remember dates like that; bla bla bla... In all honesty, and I've told this to Greg many times, I thought Greg would never contact me after we met. I was so shy. But, to my surprise and pleasure, he contacted me within two days and thus began our continued friendship that involved into love. If you're wondering how Greg and I met it was online through Y!; He sent me a message on Y! Messenger and I was online and we began chatting and then met in person.

21 August 2007

...In a Nut Shell...

No particular topic for today; just a little of this and a little of that.

Last night, Greg and I finally got to meet with our potential new babysitter. We hung out for about an hour and decided to 'hire' her. Greg loves what the new sitter offers (an actual learning environment) and feels the extra forty dollars a week is well worth it. So, we start with Mrs. L on Sept. 4, after Labor Day. Mom is going to watch Amelia for next week for us.

I really want to do something special for my for all the help she's given Greg and I; especially with all the time she's watched Amelia and all that she did this past weekend with the move. But, she doesn't want anything, *On the phone with her as I type* and loves spending time with her. Yet, at the same time I feel guilty for relying so much on Mom when it comes to watching Amelia. *sigh* I will think of something...

So, this afternoon I confirmed something that I always suspected. Unfortunately, I can't share it on here. I did share it with Greg, as it's been something of a topic on a few occasions. He doubted me; saying she wouldn't do that but with what I recently found, I confirmed with him what I always suspected.

Greg and I were bad last night. We didn't get home until almost 8:30 and we had forgotten to take something out of the freezer when we left in the morning, so we ordered a pizza from the place in Brooklyn. Oh, their pizza is so good! We really shouldn't have ordered food when we are so broke, but we were bad. We also learned that this pizza place will deliver cigarettes! I found that so funny that I called Aaron and asked him the value of a place that will deliver cigarettes and his reply was: "priceless" and then I told him about the pizza place.

Greg and I watched a little of The Lord of the Rings last night while we ate and had a pretty interesting conversation as well (before the pizza arrived). Greg mentioned what he likes best about our relationship compared to his past was how much I am willing to share the responsibilities, including finances, and if there is a problem that I am more than willing to talk to him about it versus hold it in. I love it when Greg and I are able to sit together and just shoot the shit. We talked about work and certain co-workers of his; my day; the insurance company (which still hasn't returned my call); our renters insurance policy (which he recently signed up for through USAA and our monthly payment is only $9.91 for over $36K of valued furniture - Hurrah) and other things; such as what we need to buy next for the place (thinking about a new vacuum cleaner) or in general (new car seat for Amelia and having to buy two of them). Over all, it was a great night!

Tonight I am going to work some overtime for the project. The extra hours will be applied to the time off from last week so that I don't have to used my personal or vacation days. Works for me. So, Greg is going to stop by my job to get the car seat and pick Amelia up. I am hoping that I can work Wednesday and Thursday as well, but we'll see.

I finally got around to emailing The Condo Guy about a few little things about the condo. Mainly, I wanted to express the inefficacy of the dryer and have hopes that he'll have it replaced. I swear that thing is older than me and it sounds like it's on it's last leg and might kick the bucket soon. So, we'll see.

Well, I am done. It's 2:22 and I've spent a majority of the day on MySpace reading my old blog entries and then when I was on Y! I was cleaning out my saved emails and was reading a lot of emails from 2004-2005. Oy that brought back a lot of memories, especially of RD (since there were some emails from him). I haven't thought about him in a while and when I was re-reading the old emails a flood of emotions came back that I felt for him at that time. Would I ever see him again? No. I am more than happy with Greg.

Ok, now I am done. Signing off at 3:27pm

20 August 2007

Catching Up is Hard to Do...

Ok, here's the breakdown of how the move went:

Friday Morning: I check the bank balance and well, you know. So, after the shower, Greg and I are sitting in bed with Amelia talking about the action plan for the day. The first action is to call Amelia's doctor of which he asks if we can bring her in at 4pm (and I say yes, of course). Then, my plan of action is to stop by my job and pick up my check, drop Amelia off at the sitters and then return. While I was driving all over HoCo, Greg and Ken were loading up the u-haul with the bed and sofa and other items. I believe it was about 10:45am when I returned from all the errands and Greg and Ken had completed their tasks and I was cleaning out the pantry of our items and items on my nightstand. While I was cleaning off my nightstand, Greg comes and tells me he's ready to go since it was past 11am and he wanted to start unloading the truck by 11:30 at the latest. So we leave. I stop off at 7-11 to get waters and Gatorade and ice for everyone and then to the bank to deposit my pay check into the joint account. When I arrived at the condo, Greg and Ken had already unloaded the bed (king size mattress and box springs as well as bed frame)! So, thus began the extremely intense move! Oh.My.Gawd. was it hot on Friday. I was sweating so much and it takes a lot to get me to sweat. Greg and Ken were soaked (thank goodness I'm not male and don't sweat like that). The three of us unloaded the truck until about 1pm, which is when Sean and Aaron showed up. Then there were five of us to finish unloading and we were all done around 2. Not too bad. So, once we were done with the unloading, we head back to Laurel to return the truck, then to Greg's place to drop off he and Ken to which they load up Greg's car of more items, and then I drive over to Elkridge to get Amelia and take her to the doctors. Yes, I made it by 4pm and surprisingly, there was no wait for being a spontaneous patient. Amelia was checked and she has an ear infection in her left ear. Booo. So, after the appointment, I went ot Giant to fill her prescription for Amoxicillian (icky pink stuff that she seems to love) and call my Mom to see if Sean and I ever had ear infections when we were younger. Turns out we never did. Greg, on the other hand, along with his brothers, had chronic ear infections and ended up with tubes in their ears! Oy! Are ear infections a trait that can be passed down? Poor Amelia, her nose is so stuffy that she can't breath through it and when she gets sleepy, she can't fall asleep. Greg and I have been giving her baby Tylenol to help and then yesterday I began using the 'bulbous' (nose aspirator) to get the 'stuff' out. She hates it with a passion and screams and cries every time I do this but I know it works because I can see the results and then she's able to breath a little better when we're done (since she usually passes out on my shoulder). I am concerned that she's getting a sinus infection because the 'stuff' was once clear and now it's turning greenish. I am going to wait a day or so to see if the Amoxicillian works on the nose as well before I call her doctor again (which just reminded me that I need to make an appointment for her follow-up; office is closed due to lunch, mental note: must call back at 2). But, aside from that, all is well. Friday night was uneventful. Did about 3 loads of laundry and learned that the dryer isn't the most efficient piece of machine, going to have to write a note to The Condo Guy. Then Greg and I became so freaking hungry since we hadn't eat all day and decided to order a pizza from some location in Brooklyn. Damn good pizza! We were very pleased. Then, it was off to bed. It was weird going to bed in a different place. Amelia didn't sleep to well and she and I were up at 4:30am. I didn't fall back asleep until AFTER the sun started coming up. Yes, I saw the sunrise from my bedroom window. Very pretty, but I would rather have slept. Greg and I were both up, along with Amelia by 8am.

On Saturday, Mom made it up to check out the new place as well as bring Amelia's crib and dresser up and other items (many other items; a truck load of other items). Mom loves the place. She loves the colors, the lay out, and most importantly: Amelia's bedroom. Once we were done checking the place out and whatnot, we head over to Target to do some shopping (courtesy of Mom). Surprisingly, we didn't get that much stuff. Sean met us at the Target and picked up a few items as well. We were in that store for over two hours! My feet were so tired when we left and we still had to haul everything up to the third floor and Greg bought a shelving unit and tv stand! That stuff isn't light, don'tcha know? But, we did it. When we got home we unloaded and unpacked the items. Mom went to work on Amelia's room; hanging the curtain up, worked on the crib and other items. Greg began putting the tv stand together and learned that he needs a screw driver that we don't have and I was putting the Target items away (bathroom accessories; kitchen accessories, etc). Once we were all done with that, we pondered dinner. We were all so very hungry. Very hungry. We ended up eating at the Golden Corral across the street. Greg treated us to dinner and the food wasn't too bad. Greg loved the desserts and I enjoyed the pot roast and fresh fruit (yummy watermelon and strawberries). When we were done, Mom headed home because she wasn't feel well and Greg and I headed over to Wal-Mart and Mars (Wal-mart to get a screwdriver and wash rag for Amelia). Yeah, I know I stated that I hate Mars, but the choice of grocery stores is pretty much nil in this area and since the two are within the same building I only went for the convenience. While at Mars, I used the last of my WIC checks and bought food (lunch and dinner) for the remainder of the week. I was expecting our total to be $60 or $70 but it came to $45. Whew! After grocery shopping, we stopped by my brothers and gave him 2 gallons of milk because I had 2 gallons for myself and there is no way Greg and I can drink/use 4 gallons of milk in 3 weeks (why so much milk? because WIC supplies lots of milk, more than I normally consume). We finally make it home around 7 or 8 and Greg finishes putting the tv stand together and then we just crash. All of us.

Sunday: We're all up by 8am, again. I tend to Amelia while Greg begins the bookcase. By 10 am, he's done and Amelia is very cranky and wants to take a nap but she can't fall asleep because of her stuffy nose. Greg and I try to calm her down and then we end up using the bulbous and she finally falls asleep a little after 11. Greg and I relax and lay in bed and chat. Then, around 1-ish, we head over to his Mom's to get a few more items and visit since she wanted to see Amelia even though Amelia isn't feeling well (by golly, I think Greg's Mom likes being a Grandma!). Greg and I ended up staying for about an hour and head back home with a car load of items. All to unload, again, up three flights of stairs. Have I mentioned we're on the top floor? The day was challenging due to Amelia. She was very irritable. At one point, Greg went to Target to look into buying baby sinus medicine but all they carried was medicine for cough and cold, nothing just for sinus. So, we didn't get anything for her. We ended up using the bulbous again and she finally fell asleep for a little while. While she was napping, there was an accident on Ordnance Rd. that Greg and I heard and could see the cop lights. It was freaky to hear it. We were standing on the balcony trying to see what happened but there were too many trees. In any event, the rest of the day was low key. We watched Lilo and Stitch and then some *special* movies (wink wink) and then Jay Leno's Headlines collection that Greg had from 2000! I played a little Yoshi on the DS and took my shower around 10pm. I was asleep as soon as I layed in bed after the shower. I don't remember falling asleep or anything. It was a very deep and restful sleep. I didn't wake up for anything until the alarm went off at 6:45am.

Just some tidbits:

I finally have my Nissan back!!! On Friday, while I was at the doctors office for Amelia, the insurance company called and said that my car has been ready for a couple of days and why hadn't I picked it up. I informed that person that called that I have not received any communication from the repair shop and that I did call on 08/10 to check on the status and was informed that there was an issue with the insurance check and that they, the repair shop, was going to call me back when the car was ready (which the never did). Also, I told her that I was unable to speak and asked that she call me back in a half hour and her reply was that she was about to leave and that she would call the repair shop to call me (which they never did). So, this morning when I returned the rental they informed me that the insurance company stopped paying for the car on Friday (08/17). I told them that I was going to call the insurance company about that and for now the rental isn't going to take the money out of my deposit. This morning I called my claims agent and left a message. I will call again at 3:30 and see what happens.

All weekend, and most of last week for that matter, I've been trying to meet with the potential new babysitter. Didn't happen. Today, hopefully, Greg and I are going to meet with her after work. So far, I like her; based on our phone conversations. I also like the fact that her price is negotiable if we provide items such as a car seat and pack n play for Amelia. I am eager to see what the price will be, though. In the mean time, I do have a few other people lined up in case this person doesn't work out. And, if worst comes to worst, Mom is more than willing to watch Amelia while we find someone.

Greg and I are thinking it will be at least a month before we initiate cable/internet service. We want to see what the finances are going to be like. At the moment, Greg hasn't even brought his computer or camera over and is in no hurry, oddly.

All the while at work I've been trying to catch up. I had around five voice mails; countless emails and still the project that now requires overtime. I'm not feeling all that well; my throat is sore and has been since yesterday. I'm still very tired and wish for a whole day without a sick baby to recover. There is still unpacking to do and laundry and now dishes (afraid to run the dishwasher). At least I was able to get Amelia an appointment for Sept 1 and not have to miss any work. All this while having to do actual work!!! I was feeling very stressed up until 2pm. Now, I am not feeling as stressed and am able to complete today's entry.

Ok. I'm heading out at 2:42pm

Camera Shots

Pictures were taken from the cell phone. Not the best quality but what do you expect from a cell phone camera?

17 August 2007

Here We Go...

Yeah, so HR did fuck up my check; to no surprise. The only deposited a part of my check and I am assuming the rest of my money is a 'live' check that I will have to go pick up sometime today. Bastards. From my past experience with having multiple bank accounts and having the check divided between the two, if the one account wasn't ready for direct deposit, then the entire check would still be deposited in the original account, not split between a deposit and live check. Grr... these people are idiots.

In Other News...

Amelia isn't feeling well. She has a low grade fever and very runny nose. Also, I've noticed that she's been holding her hand over her ear on occasion. I really hope she doesn't have an ear infection. In any event, I'm going to call Dr. Papa and see what he says; in the mean time Greg and I have been giving her baby Tylenol to help (and it really does).

Greg and I picked up the keys last night at the condo!!!! We're so freaking excited. We were walking around the condo last night talking about where we're going to put what and all. It's great! We also took pictures and will eveutally up load them for all to see.

In the mean time, i am going to hop into the shower (not literally) and get ready for the day.

P.S. Unloading the storage unit, yesterday, wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be and I am as lazy as possible when it comes to moving. Ask Greg, Sean, and Aaron, they will agree with me.


16 August 2007

Forty and counting

Forty minutes until I walk out of this door and when I return on Monday, I will be coming from my new home!!

So exciting; it truly is.

Of course, this day couldn't go fast enough and the people that I've dealt with today haven't been the easiest either. But, whatever because it's not going to effect my mood whatsoever!

I just hope that we'll have enough money to get all the things we need this weekend (but, again, Greg thinks we'll be fine with money).

I am also looking forward to seeing Mom and Van and getting their feedback about the condo that Greg and I are going to establish as our home for the next year. Oh, and that Sean and Aaron are about a mile away and I'm sure they will be visiting for food (it turns out that Sean and Aaron haven't eat in much since we all moved out and they are eager for me to cook meals for them once more; not that my cooking is good, it's just that they are too lazy to cook for themselves). Makes me wish there was a Super Fresh near the condo. I am very particular to which grocery stores I shop at; I will not shop (unless I absolutely have to) at Shoppers; Mars; Shop and Save; and Aldo. My preferred grocery stores are Giant or Super Fresh. I don't like Safeway, either, but if I have to go I will, but the others that I listed are ones that I will drive out of the way to NOT shop there. BUT!!! There is a Costco right down the street from the condo and Greg and I have a Costco Membership (We're so special). I used to be a Sam's Club fan, but I out grew them, no that there is any real difference between Sam's and Costco or anything, I just decided that I liked Costco more. Greg likes Costco because they carry his favorite drink: Vitamin Water in bulk (and when Costco mailed up their coupon book earlier this month there was a coupon for the Vitamin Waters which made Greg ever so happy). Greg and I are planning on going to Costco to do our shopping after we've moved the stuff in.

At this moment, I believe, my brother is in Chicago taking a managerial test for his employer! The whole family is hoping he'll pass with flying colors (although, all he needs is a score of 70 to pass) and will be promoted. Good Luck Sean!

So, without further adeu, I bid you good bye. Have a great weekend!

P.S. I am going to try and take pictures but I don't know when I'll be able to upload them since Greg and I haven't even talked about initiating cable/internet service at the new place.


In roughly three hours and twenty five minutes I will be on my way to the apartment to help pack, load up the cars and then head out to get the rental and then unload the storage unit... and, with what hte weather is going to be today (hot and humid), I am as excited as all hell (even with this wicked storm that is rolling in which will probably make the afternoon even more steamy).


15 August 2007

It has begun...

... tomorrow is THE DAY...

Last night, there was an email from The Condo Guy, confirming the meeting tomorrow and suggesting a time for us to meet (eight o'clock pm). I haven't replied, yet. I am in the progress of that task (among many others)...

Last night, Greg and I were so drained of energy. We were both confused as to why we felt to exhausted. But there were a couple highlights for the night:

  • Amelia and Greg got into a dispute... over... the spoon. Yes, Amelia has begun to take the spoon away and try to feed herself and WILL NOT allow you to take the spoon back unless you pry her sticky, wet, fingers away from the spoon, to which she will began to scream at the top of her lungs in protest. Wow. Last night, feeding Amelia, was interesting to say the least

  • I learned that Greg has begun thinking about proposing to me; he's already thought about his wording, the location, the time, and the ring. !!!!!!! This excites me to no end. And, what causes this utmost extreme excitement is that I have absolutely no idea what the ring is going to look like or when and where which means it's all a complete surprise; every bit of it (I have no idea what style ring (cut of the diamond, etc), if the ring is going to be gold, white gold, or platinum, etc). This tickles me pink with joy

  • It has been so busy at work. I am already getting frustrated and that isn't good. Oy, they need to hire more people and soon (for example, my referral). But, at least it's a short week for me AND I will be working a half day tomorrow, rather than a whole day and taking Friday off (which I am still going to do).

    Have I mentioned how excited I am about what's about to happen? I am starting a whole new life (sorta). I am as excited as humanly possible yet scared shit less. What scares me is the finances (remember, Money is the root of evil and can ruin any and all relationships), Greg believes that we will be fine financially, but I am not feeling the belief. I guess, in a sense, I am still thinking about the relationship I had with Adam and when we first moved in together and all that ensued afterwards. But, to be fair, Greg has never been fired and has been at the same company for six years and then some; whereas Adam was constantly loosing his job which made the finances difficult, and I guess I am afraid of a repeat even though Greg is very secure in his job. GGGRRRR.

    It's funny how Greg and I are worried about completely different things regaurding this move. I feel his worry is nothing (even though I can't mention it here) to really worry about because he hasn't had any issues with the place he's at now; and he feels my worry about the finances is petty since we both have jobs that pay very well. To each their own.

    *** FF to 2:47pm ***

    Ugh, I can't get over how busy I've been this week! Thank goodness it's a short week for me. I am feeling so frustrated, stressed, and over all not in a good mood; which i've expressed to Greg (to give him a heads up for tonight).

    And, again, I've forgotten about the topics of discussion. God, I would suck in a book club group and had to host a meeting. My mind can not stay focused on anything now a days. I swear I have Adult ADD.

    Wish me luck that I survive the rest of the day!

    How Do You Say...

    ... Amelia?

    Do you say:

    Ah-meal-lee-ya (phonically)



    I'm torn between the two because I don't know which is correct; personally, I've been calling her Ah-meal-lee-ya more frequently than the latter; Greg, on the other hand, calls her Ah-meal-ya.

    Which do you say?

    14 August 2007

    Lunch Crunch and Munch

    Sometimes the lunch hour goes by too fast (as is the case for today) and sometimes it doesn't go fast enough. Weird how that works...

    Good News! I may have found a new person to watch Amelia. Greg and I are going to meet her this Friday, time to be determined, since we both have the day off. She's in Glen Burnie, but the other end. Her price is negotiable, especially since I told her that we have an extra car seat for her car in case she needs to run errands. But, I'm trying to not get too excited mainly because this person is another SAHM, even though she has her state license for Day Care, and we don't know the reliability of her (even though our current sitter hasn't let us down in terms of attendance). Or, as Blue suggested, I could tie Amelia to the cub bard.

    During my lunch break, I went to the bank and deposited monies into the joint account and chatted with Mom for a bit. Mom was out and about looking things for the condo, mainly Christmas items. Oy! She's already thinking about Christmas! She was asking about ornaments and all things related (stockings; mantle for the fire place, etc); but Greg and I have an on going 'discussion' about our first Christmas Tree together: Artificial vs. Real; I already have an artificial tree that I bought sometime ago; it's pre-light with multi colored lights and ready to go, PLUS we can store the tree in the storage unit when not in use. Greg, on the other hand, wants to get a real tree that we (or he) will have to haul up to our third floor condo and this dispose of from the third floor; in addition to the hauling, there is the maintenance of the tree while in use. Honestly, I'm all for buying a real tree, but I'm not too keen on using a real tree this year mainly because of Amelia and the fact that she will moving moving about by then and could eat the needles or whatever might fall off the tree. So, that is where I stand on the Christmas Tree.

    In other news...

    The day is going quick, yet slow at the same time.

    Work is going well; I had my monthly quality review yesterday and I am exceeding expectations (which, from my impression, isn't that common around here). The manager is back from his out of country visit and will probably be going through the applications for the Team Leader position (the one that I was hinted to about applying) and, hopefully, the referral applications (I could really use the referral bonus, did I mention it's $5,000? That could pay for a pretty decent (in my eyes) wedding...). Plus, it would be nice to work with someone that I've worked for in the past.

    Ugh, there have been so many thoughts in my mind that I've wanted to write about but I just can't seem to find the time! So frustrating. I am hoping that after the move, I will be able to write from home... we'll see.

    Alright, I'm done for now...

    *signing out at 3:44PM*